EZ FAN Funnel 2

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EZ FAN Funnel 2

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What Is EZ FAN Funnel 2?

EZ Fan Funnel 2 Is Specifically Designed To Satisfy The Needs Of The Surgeons Who Want An Alternative To The Traditional Finger Insertion Method For Breast, Calf, Gluteal And Pectoral Shaped Gel Implant Procedures.

What Is The Indication For EZ FAN Funnel 2?

EZ Fan Funnel 2 Is Indicated To Deliver Gel Implants Into The Pocket With Minimal Or No Touch Of The Implant, Surrounding Tissue And The Incision.

What Are The Advantages From EZ FAN Funnel 2?
  • Employ A No-Touch/Minimal-Touch Technique Believed By Respondents To Reduce Infection Rates.
  • Shorten Incision Lengths.
  • Reduce Operating Room Time.
  • Reduce Force Applied To The Implant Shell, Which May Lessen Damage Occurrence.
  • Increase Placement Options.
  • Can Accommodate All Types Of Gel Implants.
  • Less Friction, Faster Propulsion Of Implant.
  • Superior Visualization Of Implant
How Is EZ FAN Funnel 2 Packaged?
Order code Brand Name(Model Name)
EZ Fan Funnel 2 (REF_02KR)
Package Information
Dimension Weight
Packaged Device 200 × 275 (mm) 62g
Inner Box For 5 Units 202 × 277 × 48 (mm) 378g
Outbox For 100 Units 515 × 420 × 300 (mm) 9kg
Special Features Of EZ FAN Funnel 2
No-Touch Technique

No-Touch Technique

Minimizing Contact With Sterile Gel Breast Implants And Surrounding Tissue.

No-Bowl Technique

No-Bowl Technique

Using EZ Fan Funnel 2 As A Bowl To Be Hydrated.

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